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Mother and baby


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Spot-on mother

When you discover you’re pregnant, your health and that of your growing child become a top priority. Mother and Nature trousers are perfect for walks. In so doing, this helps mother and child stay as fit and healthy as possible. It’d make a great addition to any mother-to-be’s wardrobe, believes Itemsgalore.

Looking for mother-baby shopping inspiration?

Look no further. We’ve got buyers’ guides, style edits, nursery furniture ideas and much more to inspire your next online shopping trip. With so many baby and toddler products on the market, trust Itemsgalore to feature the best baby gear, clothes, furniture and more for your money. Both new and used. Plus, some banks and insurance companies can give advice about child savings, family insurance, travel advice, and family cars. Which mother wouldn’t exploit this kind of opp?


You know, finding the perfect pram isn’t really that hard, dear mother.

But here is the thing: you need to do a little bit of research.

Step 1: Pick a type

– Decide whether you need a pram, pushchair or stroller

– Choose between a single or tandem pram (depending on no. of children)

– If you travel a lot, buy a travel system

– If you want to use the same pram for many years, buy a 3 in 1

– Consider the pram’s weight, size, folding mechanism, and versatility

Step 2: Decide how much you want to spend

New good prams range from under ₦35,000 to way over ₦350,000 – all with different pros and cons. Remember, however, that expensive isn’t always better!

Step 3: Pick a best seller

If in doubt, choose one of the best selling prams.

Pram, Pushchair, Buggy, Stroller – What’s the difference?

These terms are used quite inconsistently so, firstly, let’s start with clarifying their meaning. After doing extensive research for this post I believe I have found the most accurate description. In short,

» A Pram is for newborn babies

» A Pushchair for when your baby is a little older and can sit up

» A Stroller is suitable for toddlers and young children

» A Buggy is a word used when referring to either a pushchair or a stroller

Aesthetically, though, all models on the market today stem from either a pram or a stroller: N.B. a 3-in-1 pram includes a child car seat.

This category below might point you to where to buy paintings and pictures for your new baby’s room…

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Shop for clothing accessories and other fashion wear for the new mothers, to thank your wife for her perseverance. Do this now.


Ball Mill Grinding manufacturers China

Zhengzhou Zhongjia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Xingyang City, west of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. With several years of development, the company has […]

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Removable polyester graphic film factory

Our History Weifang Hengcai Digital Photo Materials has focused on inkjet printing materials for over 10 years in China. We started as a small operation, […]

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China Mobility Scooters factory

※ Our History Shanghai Brillante Import&Export Co.,Ltd. is a foreign trading company based on the factory,located in shanghai China. We engaged in import and export […]

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LED Headlight Glass Lens manufacturers

45mm plano convex optical led glass lens KL-D45-19 for 10w-30w led projector light Lens Paramters: Lens ModelKL-D45-19 Lens Brand Kinglux Product name44.5mm led glass lens […]

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parapet clamps

ZLP500 630 800 Parapet Clamp For Construction Gondola, ZLP Suspended Platform Parapet clamp can be designed for special roofing in accordance with various structure house. […]

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low price V Mount Charger Adaptor

Model: PL-1680BM Dual-channel+DC output Li-ion Battery Charger Feature: ●PL-1680BM is designed for all POWERANGE BP batteries and V-Mount Li-ion batteries. DC output is available for […]

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Formula-One Toy Car

Suitable for children over the age of 4. Comes with 2 remote controls and 2 batteries.

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Baby care mat

For the special care of your little ones.

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Kids’ coat hangers

The price indicated is for a dozen pack of these plastic hangers for your baby’s laundry.

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Baby bibs

For your cherished new-borns

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